If only your dogs could talk…

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A dog is known to be a man’s best friend and no one could challenge that saying since it is a fact. Have we ever wondered why it is said so? Not many of us have. Owning a dog or any pet is one way of expressing our emotions and feelings. These non-speaking creatures have been considered as the mirror images of a man’s character and personality, ever since man has evolved into a social being. What!! Yes, a dog or a pet comes into your life, when you feel like having one, when they are too young (say like 45 days old or maybe up to 3 months of age). All that they know after sucking milk from their mothers is you and your family or your environment. As days pass by they slowly get accustomed to you, your family and your way of living. This, technically, implies that they have started understanding your personality, that is your way of talking to them, conducting yourself in front of them and even your likes and dislikes. 

With today’s technological advancement in the field of research, we have gone beyond understanding human psychology to understand the psychology of animals. I am not saying that we are done understanding human psychology but we are way ahead of it trying to understand what our pets think by understanding ourselves. Yes, now you get it, don’t you? Your pet’s actions and lifestyle is completely dependent on you. Now you may ask “am I responsible for my dog’s behaviour?” Yes, you are since they have grown with you from the day they came into your lives. So, decide how you want them to be because they might be walking on four legs instead of two and barking instead of talking, but they become your children once they are fed and brought up you. Your dogs too have emotions and feelings just like you and you need to understand that your dogs react to your actions. 

In the present scenario of fear and anxiety due to COVID 19, all of us are becoming increasingly sceptical about our ways of living. Unfortunately, this scepticism has crept over us in having our loved four-legged companions with us. Reports on people abandoning their pets due to this fear are increasing day by day, which is very disturbing. To all those people who have this doubt, please be clear on the fact that this disease (COVID 19) may get communicated to a dog only from humans and it won’t happen unless you follow proper precautions to ensure that neither of you get infected. If it is your responsibility to keep yourself and your family safe, the safety of your pets is also your responsibility because they are family too. Please do not abandon these innocent beings for humanly reasons. 

I have always wondered what if my sister’s dog (a beagle) could talk to her or me. All through the day, he keeps weaning, barking, playing with his toys and busy fighting with my sneakers. I wonder what’s going on in his tiny brain. He gets easily distracted to things to an extent that he is busy biting my sneakers in the balcony and the moment he hears someone opening the main door, he is right there in just seconds with excitement that someone is going out and I too can go out now. Now how do I or my sister tell him that it isn’t safe outside in the present situation? The best way of doing that was to distract him again, so there came his easily-getting distracted ability handy to my sister. Then again, I still wonder what goes through his tiny little brain. If only I were able to understand what he tries to tell me like he always understands that my sister is angry at him for tearing apart her sofa cushion and he is going to get his dose of the day. I recently read an article in The Guardian, on research and development of devices that would convert different sounds made by a dog into an understandable language. Companies like Amazon and Google are already on the trail of developing such devices. 

If only dogs could talk to us…

If, in the future, we succeed in developing devices that can interpret our pet’s needs and emotions we should not be talking to them but listening to them. Understand their psychology and how they feel when you love, play, fight, shout and even hate them. No species in the world was ever created by the almighty to be served on our dinner tables and no living being was ever created inferior to another. We, the most advanced and developed species among them, have taken the resources on our planet for granted, including animals and feast on them. Well, I am not speaking of killing them alone but killing their emotions too. There are places in the eastern parts of Asia where people feast on dogs, unimaginable at least for me. If only your dog could talk to you, the first thing they would tell you is how much they love you (no matter how much you have shouted or been angry on him); the second thing would be that they too have emotions. Why don’t we try to understand this and make a change in our society? Let us not abandon them, at least after when they have been your family and try to stop cruelty against animals by not just avoiding slaughterhouses but also by being kind to them. Without human involvement nothing can be ever created, destroyed or changed. So, let us involve in changing things around us that are inhuman in nature. Remember, what you sow so you reap!!!

Stay home, stay safe and keep your family (including pets) safe. 

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