Green Dominance!!

After the great industrial revolution in the early 1900s, the world was all about getting automated or at the least half-automated. As time progressed, we kept revolutionizing the existing methods and procedures of industrialization and automation in every field. Therefore industrialization led to an increase in using fossil fuels, especially in the sectors such as automobiles, aviation and shipping. Not until the latter half of 1900, we realized that we were consuming the fossils way too faster than we thought. Or maybe till then no one had ever given a thought about it. There was one man who proposed and developed concepts that are now considered the need of the hour. That man was Nikola Tesla. The bad news for us is that no one took him or his concepts seriously back then. 

With the advancement of science and technology, modern-day industries have started to consume the natural resources, mineral and energy reserves way faster. I believe this is due to the slow progress of advancement in EcoTech research and development. But the happy news is that at least we have started it with the beginning of the new millennium. Companies like Tesla (in automobiles) and HarbourAir & MagniX (in aviation) have redefined propulsion systems and propellants. But the question remains that will changes in these sectors alone towards eco-friendly methods save the planet? I beg to deny that, nevertheless, this is where we start. However, eco-friendly dominance has to be taken seriously and put in place in every field to cut down the usage of fossils. Cutting down the use of fossils will lead to a reduction in the levels of pollution. This way, we will be restoring environmental stability. 

Turning into an all-electric mode is one option of making some part of the world eco-friendly. However, we should think and redefine electricity generation methods to become all-electric. The most common forms of energy production are thermal and nuclear that are slowly decreasing day-by-day with the importance of renewable energy sources and their eco-friendly methods appreciated by almost everyone. Did you know that 75% of air pollution in the United States is caused only by cars and passenger vehicles? The numbers are more shocking in each type of pollution and the sources for them. So what can we do to turn this around and make the world a better, safer and pollution free place to live? The following are some.

Switch energy generation methods – For years, we have been using non-renewable forms of energy generation for our homes, industries and almost everything. Now we have started to shift towards renewable energy as an alternate source. But… this is happening only on a minimal scale like a few homes in a few metropolitan cities, a few industries etc. This FEW should become ALL homes, cities, industries, offices and even transportation modes dependent purely on renewable energy sources. Renewable forms of energy must be the primary method and not alternate. For this, each individual needs to understand that he/ she has to start switching over from non-renewable to renewable sources of energy generation. These changes are not just for us but for the sake of our future generations.

Complete Closure – Complete closure of thermal and nuclear power stations across the world is one unavoidable measure that should be put into effect to reduce air pollution and disposal of nuclear waste into oceans and other spaces. But this will be accomplished only through people switching over to renewable energy generation methods. Further, this will also need more advancement in research and development in energy generation from renewable sources such as solar, hydro and wind. Such improvements will eventually lead to the complete closure of thermal and nuclear power production.

Stop Deforestation and Reforestation – It is confusing when I say “Stop Deforestation and Reforestation”, right? It means that we need to stop approving constructions or topographical change for a development based on laws such as cutting off one tree should be compensated by planting ten more. Who knows whether the newly planted saplings are even cared of till they can sustain on their own? For the sake of obtaining approvals, companies and industries give certificates stating that they have planted a million trees elsewhere since they chopped down trees in the site of their interest. Not all places in the world ensure such a thing has happened. Such approvals shouldn’t be part of the law at all. It will be tough to embrace such changes in the law but is needed and inescapable; at the least for our kids. Alternately, relocation of trees using modern machineries like tree excavators and replanters can prove viable and better options. These will reduce the time taken for the planted saplings to become trees (generally a few years) and hence the availability of trees is not disturbed.

Importance of Environmental Studies – Though universities and schools have started laying importance on environmental studies by making it a compulsory subject, they need to do more to make the young generation understand it’s importance. Regular syllabus in all schools and colleges (in any stream) should bifurcate into two main streams; good to know and need to know. Traditional concepts that have proven to affect the environment over the years (like internal combustion engines, usage of harmful chemicals in medicine etc.,) should be part of good-to-know. On the other hand, concepts such as (Electric mobility, renewable energy sources etc.,) must become need-to-know and should contain more weightage in the grading system. Implementing such an educational system, that lays more importance on eco-friendly subjects or concept, will change the way our next generations will lead their lives. 

Converting the usage of plastic – For decades, plastic has replaced most of our storing methods. Plastic has become an irreplaceable material in our lives. Let’s look at how we changed from the best practices that we once followed (which were environment-friendly) to methods that were declared a better option, however not eco-friendly.

  1. Pottery based containers replaced by plastic containers.
  2. Cloth bags replaced by plastic bags provided at free of cost by vendors and sellers.
  3. Wooden furniture replaced by plastic furniture.
  4. Plastic bottle replacing older methods of carrying water.
  5. Traditional wooden/ earthen toys replaced by plastic toys.

These are some essential items that we use in our daily life that were replaced by plastic-based items. How did we even shift to this? There are a few reasons for this. The number one is our laziness to carry stuff such as cloth bags to markets (because plastic bags were given at free of cost by vendors in the markets), not recognizing our traditional methods were superior and eco-friendly etc. Looking back at these mistakes, I feel sorry for ourselves. We have been complete idiots in this case. However, the good news is we have started learning from our mistakes. The UN needs to formulate laws that are made mandatory for all member states. Also, plastic production needs to decrease while this happens to ensure the equilibrium is maintained, which will lead to a zero plastic world someday. People should not be just advised but forced… yes… forced to stop the usage of plastic. Further, third world countries and especially the under-developed countries, should not be used to produce plastic anymore. The laws have to stricter and tighter to ensure this. 

Abolish Non-eco-friendly products – Am I talking like a communist? No, but that’s the only way out. Abolishing products that are not friendly to our ecosystem (be it any product) will clear the usage of such products from the very memory of our brains and the world. It is difficult, not impossible. 

Only when the world forgets the pollutable components as a source for our needs will lead to a pure and complete resurrection of the world engine, i.e mother earth’s purest form. And this is what I call “Green Dominance” and that’s what we need to thrive as a race and a planet. This too is “Green Revolution“.

Think Green. Go Green. Thrive Green.

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