Everything has a price!!!

Everyone has a price”, as they say. So let the price on your tag say “PRICELESS” “INVALUABLE” “IRREPLACEABLE”.

Believe it or not. Every single thing that you ever wish or intend to have in your life has a price. That thing includes the materialistic wanting as well as the people in your life. No man, in the history of mankind has ever tasted victory without a pinch of salt, the defeat, at least once. It is from man to man that how much one enjoys the taste of the salt before the sweet.

I have always believed that life has a lesson for us at every step. Some stubborn-ass people would say otherwise but this is true. Life is like a pre-determined or a preset clock that keeps you running but according to what destiny has in the box for us. As humans and 6 sense species, we can do all the planning that we think of doing. It is not to be expected that our plans always hit the bull’s eye. Sometimes it doesn’t and instead the opposite happens. What do you do then?

I have learnt the lessons in my life the hard way. To some point, I have been a stubborn-ass guy but that was short-lived when my plans took a nose dive into the Bay of Bengal, sometimes in the Arabian too. And there were other times, after such breakdowns when I learnt from the mistakes of others. You may ask whether learning from someone else’s mistake is the right thing to do since the perspectives on a particular topic or issue vary from person to person. Yes, you are indeed right in asking that. However, only the perceptions change and not the situation or issue and it is quite possible that what did not work for someone else may work for you. By learning from other’s mistakes I do not mean that I learn what should not be done but how that should not be done.

The method of solving the problem or accomplishing a task can be the same as the other person’s but how you implement and execute the plan is what matters. So, every step you take and every move you make is going to teach you a lesson because life is definitely a goddamn classroom, where, after a stage, no one wants to study. But you want it or not, you are a part of the class. And in this class, no one is spared. Everyone is made to pay their price for everything they do. Be it your car, your new apartment or even your spouse. A monetary or non-monetary price has to be paid always. Monetary prices are easy to or can be paid, if not in full in parts.

The non-monetary prices that we are made to pay can never be accounted for since they are measured in terms of love, pain, peace, happiness and other such virtues. You pay some part of your freedom as price when you get into a serious relationship or get married. Not saying that it’s bad but it’s a fact. Your sister or brother pays the price of losing that last cookie in the jar so that she/ he can see you happy having it. A gardener pays his hard work as a price to see the garden blossom, although he knows the flowers are going to be gone the next day or the day after. So each one of us has to pay something to get something. However, the good part of life is that it gives you a guarantee. Once you have paid your price in the form of hard work, sweat, blood, love, happiness, pain or anything that you value the most, the thing that you paid for will definitely be delivered. For some, it takes time to receive the delivery as every item in your cart is not eligible for prime delivery, haha!!.

One more thing that we need to know is that all that we want can’t be bought with a price. Somethings are valuable that you can buy but most are invaluable. No matter what you pay, you will never have it. If you ever come across such a point, then get this straight. That what you are looking for is not within your reach because you are not eligible for that product. That’s the point when you have to go back to the board and analyse what’s wrong with you. It can be anything, from your attitude, your greed, your wickedness to many more like this. And once identified you need to change that or alter it to make yourself a better version of you because that is the price of this product. Only then it gets added to your cart so you can check out.Secondly, the last few meters of the race is the toughest and you will have to run if you want to finish. And more than finishing, it is also important whether that finish is worth it and you have got what you wanted. So, finish the race. Some of you may say that it is a stupid idea to pay the price but note that it is inevitable. You may have heard people say “your life is under your control” and if you are a believer of that, I am sorry my friend. No one’s life is under anybody’s control. We all are under the control of our destiny. Having said that we can do the following to keep ourselves happy despite the failures that we may come across.

Be cheerful – No matter what comes by, always be cheerful and happy to the ones you love.

Be humble – Don’t exaggerate. Be it a grand victory or the worst failure, be humble and accept whatever it is. If it is a win, accept the happines and if it is a failure, accept the lesson learnt.

Be positive – There is no problem without a solution. Hence, be positive of the win that you will score one day.

Be patient – There will be times when you just want to jump in and blast things up Don’t. Trust me, I have been there. Have patience because a decision taken in haste can never be good and will lead to another pitfall. 

Be confident – Self-confidence is not a virtue but a weapon. When you have the confidence of trying it one more time you are nearing the finish line.

Arrogance is irrelevance – You can be a billionaire or a no one. When arrogance mounts your head to be your crown, realise that you aren’t controlling the kingdom anymore, the crown is. 

Forgive – Your failures need not necessarily be your doing. It might be someone from your team who becomes a reason. Smile on it and forgive the person unless he was intentional in doing it.  

These attributes are needed if you are someone not ready to accept failure and this is how human beings should be. Remember, you are not a God or even a demi-god to defy the laws of nature and life.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall but how many times you are ready to get up, to fall again, is what matters and that’s the price you get to pay.

Learn, learn and learn. Lessons learnt will never fail you. Pay your price and take the victory. Remember, Everything has a price tag!!!


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