Alone but not lonely!

Hi there!! Coronavirus or n-Coronavirus or COVID 19. Whatever you call it, that’s the enemy of everyone today. There are more than 200 countries around the world being attacked by this enemy. I am coming to believe that history repeats itself. If we look back at history, ever since we know it with proof, every century has come across some of the other enemies like this that have put mankind in harm’s way. But one should ask whether this was our doing. By our doing, I do not mean a particular country or a group of people. I am pointing at the deeds of mankind. We, the humans have been the problem creators for all the other species in this world and to our planet. All the wars fought have been our deeds. Many diseases have come out of research labs and restaurants than from nature itself. We have always brought these on to ourselves. Time to change.

The world has come to a stop. No schools, colleges or educational institutions. No offices, companies, industries or IT firms. No automobiles on the road and not even flights in the air except flights carrying relief material. Everything has been shut. We have also been shut in our homes. It is for our good since we brought it on ourselves. All mankind has ever done is to commit a mistake and then pay for it to learn a lesson. There are still many people roaming the streets with no lesson learnt. Looking at them I sometimes feel that I fear them more than Corona itself. You can be brave but not stupid. Such people are nothing but idiots. Putting self in harm’s way they are putting an entire society in the jaws of death. I am sure that our researchers will eventually find a cure to this but to help them we need to stay at home. Isolation is difficult but not impossible. Social distancing seems difficult for many but the truth is that is the only cure at present.

We can have as many restrictions as possible to be implemented by the governments but responsibilities cannot be taught. It has to be realized. It is time for mankind to leave behind their nationalities, their religion, race, colour and many such differences. It is time for us to come together, not physically, but through thoughts and in realising our responsibilities as the most powerful and advanced creature in this world. If any of you think social distancing and being home all alone (some people) is frustrating then think of this. You are not alone. We all are stuck within the four walls of our homes. Not able to interact with friends and many with their families too. I know many of you may be feeling too lonely. But this is not the time to break. This is the time to grow, stronger than before, powerful than ever and responsible than mankind. We have to be an earthly species to survive this. Let us come together in our thoughts. Remember, you are alone not lonely.

Stay home, stay safe and be responsible.

Your friend

Vijay Vignesh

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