You are what you are!!

Oscar Wilde once told “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”.

All of us have an ambition in life, a goal to reach. Towards the same, we have role models and inspirations taken in the form of people who have succeeded in their respective fields. Although it is good to have a role model in our life, it is important to understand that we should be inspired by successful people but never try to become that person. As humans, we have our own character and attributes that will be unique from others. Some of us often make this mistake; trying to do things that our role model does and except doing these would help us succeed and become that person.

We all are unique and must be so as well as indispensable for ourselves. Some people and motivational speakers may tell you that you need to mend your ways to be successful. I believe that changing one’s personality, traits or character won’t help one to be successful. In the process of mending yourself, you eventually lose yourself which means your uniqueness is destroyed. And changing your character is not possible because you have been characterized the way you are right since you were born. If one’s character is said to have changed, it necessarily does not mean that the person has made a change in his character. His character is still the same inside him. What changed is just the way he/she expresses or exhibits himself and he/she has now got a different perception towards their life. That changes their traits and deeds. And one’s character is decided based on their deeds.

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of; the tree is the real thing

Abraham Lincoln

I would say what people refer to as character is how the world or these people around you perceive or understand you through your deeds. But the actual definition of character is just what you are. You can be polite or arrogant. You can be calm or excited. You can be a hypocrite. You can be no sense or nuisance. This is because that’s your true personality. To succeed in life, do not change your personality but change your perception. Focus and hard work is what takes you the distance and helps you in succeeding. Pave a path for yourself and chisel yourself to put yourself on track to move up.

Remember, nothing in life can make you happier than yourself. You may say that your happiness comes from your family or your friends but that “yours” is just a derivate of you and what you want in life. Desires make people do things that are good as well as bad but if that desire of yours is going to be morally correct and making someone happy, then that’s what your happiness is all about. Because you desired to do that so that someone you love or care for can be happy. If this is what you are, that’s your biggest strength. And trying to change your personality isn’t going to help you succeed. That will be your biggest weakness. Times change and so do people but not who they are.

Go out and live life is not possible with coronavirus ready to ambush you from anywhere. You can rather stay home and chisel yourself to be a better person. This (lockdown) is the time to identify who you are and work on yourself. Set goals for yourself, short term and long term. Work and focus on achieving those goals by being who you are. If you realise the purpose of your existence, you will always do good to yourself, to the people around you and to the world. You are your strength and never a weakness. Remember, you are what you are!!

Tell me what do you think about what you are.

Until then,

Your friend

Vijay Vignesh

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