Quantum Science and our Future

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The world is advancing in every possible field and development in the field of science and technology almost leads the way in that. There was a time when we needed heavy hardware and kilometres of cables to make a phone call, we drove vehicles that were not eco friendly, we needed a lot of manpower for crypto communication, we had to go to places to see people visually and much more.

Today, we have moved from such physical presence to virtual existence. Almost everything happens within the reach of your palm and the four walls of your comfy bedroom. Modern-day research endeavors to go further minimalist by going sub-atomic i.e smaller than atoms in layman terms. That is what this blog is all about but not equations or math.

Going sub-atomic, we must thank a specific field of Science or more precisely, Physics. In the 17th and 18th centuries, several kinds of research were being carried out in the field of wave nature of light by scientists such as Robert Hooke, Leonard Euler and Christian Huygens. In such studies, various wave properties such as amplitude, frequency, wavelength, speed and phase were determined for light and at one point the science community felt that there existed objects that were smaller than we ever knew. As a result, scientists were trying to understand what lay beyond the atomic phase and hence research was on full swing in exploring the same. Based on the researches of many vibrant minds of those centuries and his years of study, one researcher/ scientist named Max Planck coined a new theory called Quantum Hypothesis. 

Although parallel researches were happening in the field of quantum at that time, his hypothesis was considered one important breakthrough and eventually became one of the reasons that led to the birth of a new field called Quantum Mechanics (generally known as Quantum Physics). Quantum Mechanics is the fundamental theory describing the existence of all physical objects on an atomic scale. This field helped scientists understand the sub-atomic levels of existence of anything and everything. Over the next century, a large amount of research and development had taken place in this field of Quantum. Now you may have this question in mind: “What is Quantum?”. In Physics, a Quantum is defined as the minimum amount of any physical entity or in other words physical property that exists and involved in any form of interaction (scientifically and not literally). This is the smallest possible existence of everything in the universe that we have understood so far. The study of such an entity is termed as Quantum Science. 

Quantum Science has been the source in the development of Quantum Technology which has invented applications such as quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum cryptography, quantum metrology, quantum simulation and quantum imaging. These applications are completely based on Quantum Mechanics, specifically on concepts such as Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Superposition and Quantum Tunneling. Some possible outcomes based on these applications, that I assume are:

  1. Quantum Computing leading to computation without the use of physical hardware of lesser use at multiple locations.
  2. Quantum sensing leading to inventions such as detection of spread of a pandemic such as COVID 19.
  3.  Quantum cryptography paving the way for hardware-less secrecy devices. 
  4. Quantum leap theories help mankind achieve assumptions such as space jumps (which is travelling at unimaginable speeds in deep space by bending time and space).

Quantum science may also help us in understanding the existence of the universe, planets and even the very birth of everything. Gadgets such as Quantum Pendants prove that quantum can even help in fields of biology, although there are a lot of negative speculations abut quantum pendants. My assumptions may sound impractical or even stupid but as a matter of fact, science is all about proving and discovering things that others consider impossible or stupid. It is all about imagination just like the great Albert Einstein once said.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited but imagination encircles whole world (or a lot of other things).

Albert Einstein

With the assumptions of many theories (like the ones above) and practical research trying to explore this particular branch of Physics, it is clear that the future of our physical world relies on Quantum based theories. There will come a time when we will be witnessing the transformation of technology just like we see and read in science fiction movies and books. We are not far from the reality of going into deep space with a better understanding of such concepts. I am neither a scientist nor a researcher but I realise that we have a long way to go before we get home but the question is “how far is home?”. And the answer lies in further research and development in this particular field. 

Mankind isn’t stopping from advancement and hence there is no end to learning. This article is just an insight into science that many of us aren’t aware of and therefore to inspire young minds in focussing their interest in the field of scientific research. With the development of new-age tech, mankind will scale new heights in history and who knows, we might as well reach not just the end of our solar system but even other galaxies (just as simple as it is shown in the movies of Marvel Cinematic Universe) even before we realised. To all the young minds, who might one day read this article, my request would be take up a branch of science to study upon because that is going to be the future and the science of today is going to be the technology of tomorrow.

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