Life is Beautiful due to Corona!!!

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Hi there! Sharing my thoughts here about the last few days sitting at home.

Having been born in the early ’90s, I have always wondered how life has changed so quickly once the Millenium was born. There was no more traditional influence on our lives. Our grandparents were not catching up with us. Internet was taking over the world. Trunk calls were within our grasp in the form of cell phones. Our age-old traditions started diminishing. We thought mankind was evolving and this was part of it but the reality was we were moving away from people. We started to prefer speaking to people over cell phones than in person. We started to visit our grandparents once in a while because we were too busy in our so-thought evolving lives. We destroyed the resources of mother earth to a major extent despite knowing the results which were predicted in the early ’90s by great thinkers, philosophers, scientists and researchers. Deforestation started hitting its peak point, especially in the developing countries where industrialisation was thought the need of the hour. We left our trees to die so that we can live in air-conditioned offices. 

At one point, I feel, mother nature thought “Enough is Enough” and decided to give us warnings that if we consider continuing in the same track, things might end up just like she may have taught lessons to our ancestors in the previous centuries. The first major one was SARS in 2002 and there it started. Following that was the increase in the frequency of earthquakes in various seismic zones, Tsunami in 2004, hurricanes, other deadly diseases etc. I am no researcher or scientist. I am just a common man just like you trying to understand what is happening, where are we headed and what did we do wrong? Well, all these questions started propping up since I am idle at home and yes, one might say that my idle mind is playing games with me. But the truth is that these are the questions that we need to ask ourselves to find the answers and make this world a better place to live for our children, their children and their children and so on. 

Man is the only animal that has evolved and developed to a greater extent over the past few centuries. Other animal species have more or less remained the same except for some physical changes. They might even start talking in a thousand years from now (just an assumption and definitely not quoting a so-called godman from India who claimed to make monkeys and tigers speak with “phonetic linguistic or whatever” shit he was saying). But it is time that we realize our responsibilities towards our only home, mother earth. 

A Beautiful Life

Amid the hustle-bustle of our daily 9 am to 5 pm job, came a piece of news that shook the world. Coronavirus or COVID 19. It started as a simple disease in the Wuhan province of China and before anyone could understand its effects it started spreading everywhere. Soon governments realized that it was too late to understand and then started the “prevention is better than cure” campaign since there was no known immediate cure. It led to the birth of “Social distancing”, which was once a practice in ancient India. I would like to bring it to everyone’s notice that during our grandparents’ young days in villages there was a practice. When the elders in the villages came to know that someone in the village has fallen sick due to some disease, they immediately sought after religious means to address the illness. It was misunderstood then as a wrong belief because they couldn’t explain their ways in a scientific means to their younger generation. They simply named it “Belief in God” or “Faith in God” was the only way out. What they used to do was first close down the village, that is no one moves out of the village and no one comes into the village from the outside. This led to the quarantine of the disease within the village and people used a mixture of neem and turmeric water to spray at the entrances of their houses and temples and other public gathering locations. The mixture was considered religious or godly but the fact was it served as an anti-bacterial/ anti-viral disinfectant spray leading to non-spreading of the disease. And there were many such practices during those days which as years passed by, the so-called scientifically and technologically advanced present generation avoided and forgot in the name of ignorance. Well, that was not due to the ignorance of our ancestors but due to the ignorance and inability of the younger generations in understanding such practices. Those days were also the golden days of social togetherness and cohesiveness, unlike our present days where we don’t even who lives next door. That would have been a beautiful life back then. 

Thanks to Corona

Yes. Thanks to Corona. I feel sorry for the lives lost and can understand the irreparable loss to their loved ones but it has taught us many lessons. The only way to honour the people who were taken away from us is to learn these lessons at the earliest. This Corona has made us sit in our homes but it has brought so many of us together right from where we are sitting. Everyone has started appreciating and respecting sanitary workers, thanks to corona. People speak to each other in their homes, not over phones but personally, thanks to corona. Not only Doctors but nurses too do look like gods, thanks to corona. Grandparents are happy that their grandchildren respect them, interact with them, play with them (at least after getting bored in their smartphones), thanks to corona. Mother earth has become greener, the ozone has started to restructure itself, thanks to corona for shutting down industries, automobiles and even flights.  

We all live in a world of possibilities where everything is possible from our toilets. Speak to people, book travel tickets, order a pizza, shower love over long distance through social networks. But now when I stand in my balcony and look out at the empty streets, I realize that we were in a virtual world and had no concern for one another. Now we not only know who lives next door but also pray for them too. Sounds hilarious but that is the reality today. The silence of the environment seems so difficult to adjust with that we feel life has come to a standstill. Let us keep the boring part aside and start interacting with our beautiful family. Look at your old mother, how beautiful she is. Loot at your naughty siblings and remember the days that u played together without having a penny in your pocket. Consider appreciating your spouse for whatever they have done to you so far and will do for the rest of their lives. Consider reading a good book; books are always good friends. It is time to see the positive side of the pandemic by spending time with each other, enjoying the sunrise with a coffee, working towards self-improvement, learning something new, for me cooking and for you whatever you never had the time to but always wished to. It is also time to sit down, analyse our past mistakes, rectify them and restart the world the right way. Let us make changes in our day to day lives and also in the lives of others. Life is beautiful due to corona.

Stay home, stay safe and love everyone along with yourself.

Your friend

Vijay Vignesh

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