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Amid the serious lockdown due to coronavirus across the globe, many of you sitting at home must be wondering what to do. If you are not, you have to because there has to be a limit on the dependency on electronic gadgets for surviving the lockdown. Many of you have already decided to do something constructive like painting, working out, cooking, upgrading yourself through online courses and of course reading. This article is especially for those who are new readers. I know the lockdown is pushing the human patience to zero since no sane person can sit idle for more than a few hours. Some of you might have thought of reading because of the force that lockdown is implying on you. Here are a few tips for young and new readers.

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1. Select your Genre: Before you start first decide what you actually wish to read and not just read. Some of you may ask “how do I decide what to read”. Spend your first few days in trying out sample reads of various genres. There are some books out there which have the ability to grasp your attention and imagination at the very first instance. Go for it because if a book is able to kindle your imagination, trust me it will be a good read and you will enjoy reading. Try out samples and select the one or maybe two genres in which your imaginative powers are ignited. Some popular genres are:

  • Fiction
  • Drama
  • Comics
  • Adventure
  • History
  • Biographies

2. Have Patience: When you start reading a book, especially the new readers, patience is the key. Once you have selected your genre and started reading, be patient. Sometimes it may so happen that the beginning of a book is interesting but as you turn pages you may find it to be slow. Trust me, it is not because the storytelling is boring but your mind makes you think that you need a change. At such times take a break, speak to someone whom you love the most and go back to reading it. You will find it interesting anyway.

3. Visualize: Some books are very imaginative in nature and if you are selecting such a book or finding that the book you selected is making you imagine, then it is important that you try to visualize it. I mean, try to visualize a particular scene from your book. This helps you in developing an interest to continue reading the book.

4. Read what you like: Someone once said reading too is an art just like writing is. There is no restriction on what you read. You necessarily need not restrict yourself to one or two genres unlike what i said in the beginning. If you are not interested in books you can try reading short stories or comics. That is a great way to start. So read whatever you like and do not restrict yourself.

5. Read aloud: When I started reading at the age of 11, the stories that I read back then amazed me. It made me read more but it may not be the same for everyone. So if you are a beginner and not getting the flow to read, one thing you can do is “Read Aloud”. Yes, reading aloud is one way of getting your focus on the subject you are reading. You necessarily need not read like you study for your exams but can do in such a way to concentrate on it.

6. Do not push yourself: All said and done, if you are not able to focus then there are two options. Either you find something else to keep you occupied or slow it down a bit. Try doing something else for some time and when you feel like reading go back to it. You need not continue the same book. Read whatever you find interesting. Remember not to push yourself too hard because art cannot be embraced over the night. It will take a lot of time and you have to give it that much.

So, there you go. I hope some of you have already started to look out for genres. So, Happy reading folks.

Stay home, stay safe.

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