Dream your way through to the future!!!

A wise man once said, “Dreams are not those that come after you sleep. Dreams are those that don’t let you sleep”. That wise man was the former President of India, famously nicknamed as the “Rocketman of India” and the “People’s President”, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. There is no doubt in what he said but today I am not writing about your dream which will one day be your destiny. I am just going to write about what dreams can do to us. Both, in positive as well as negative ways. Let’s dive into the topic now.

First, let us know the science behind dreams. What we see in our sleep is what we call dreams but that’s actually not a dream according to science. According to Sigman Freud, an Austrian neurologist and psychoanalyst who lived in the later 19th and early 20th century, explained dreams to be those the mind frames up because of one’s deepest desires, anxiety and sometimes fear. This (dream) generally occurs during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep stage wherein one’s mind behave as it is awake. Many researchers, scientists and neurologists have tried to explain that dreams are the transmission of your energy from one place to another since that is the time when your mind’s functioning efficiency is higher. (I feel a chill running down my spine whenever I discuss this topic. Its generally because we don’t know it and the human mind fears what it doesn’t know).

You might be wondering why I am writing about a dream today. The answer is simple. Someone told me to. What I intend to discuss in this blog is that these (dreams) are extraordinary and unimaginable energy forms that one can use to sail through to their destiny. To be more clear, imagine you are playing soccer and your aim is to score a goal. Your mind then keeps thinking only about the goal and nothing else. That implies your whole body to work towards scoring that goal. No matter how many times you fail, you will still keep trying to score that goal. Correct me if I am wrong. Similarly, when you dream about achieving something so seriously, your thoughts keep revolving around that thing and eventually, you won’t be able to sleep until you reach that. Technically, if you are not able to sleep at night, it is not because of your dream but the thoughts derived out of that dream that is keeping you from going into the unconscious state know as sleep.

Now, these thoughts when derived from such a dream which comes out of a strong desire can help you reach your goal. Yes, when you sleep at night with thoughts that have come out of a dream, it makes your entire subconscious state to thinking only about that. As assumed by great neurologists and psychoanalyst’s, your energies travel in the direction of your goal and in the REM stage of your sleep your thoughts are at your goal-reaching stage, which we term as dreams. Some of you may ask ‘then why are such dreams sometimes incomplete?’ They are at times incomplete because of the duration of the REM stage. A person who sleeps eight hours on an average at night tends to have five to six dreams in different stages. Sometimes they are even eight dreams during sleep if your brain is that efficient. The duration of the REM stage too differs with regards to your mind’s efficiency. Hence, some dreams remain incomplete and your thoughts or the energies have started travelling in a different direction now.

And since you are in a subconscious state of memory during your sleep, these dreams diminish into your subconscious state of mind. Sounds illogical, isn’t it? Imagine you saw a person in your dream someday and that dream has diminished in your subconscious state. Days or months or years later when you meet that person, in reality, you start getting this strange feeling that you have already met that person. It is simply because when your thoughts or energies were travelling in a direction as part of your dream, it had met this person and that got stored in your subconscious state. This theory is quite true in many of our cases too. Think about when you had experienced such a thing. We can’t accept this theory because it is not proven and it cannot be proven. Or maybe someday it will be proven since the human mind is the most powerful source of energy. The reason why we are discussing this today is I want you to put your dreams, which are an outcome of your strong desires, to put to thought before you sleep. Keep seriously thinking about it when you’re in a conscious state just before you’re about to hit the bed. I am doubly sure that your energies will start travelling towards that desire slowly. It won’t happen in a day but as days progress it will happen. All I am telling you to do is to dream when you are in a conscious state and that’s exactly what’s gonna happen in your subconscious state too. This way you will slowly dream away to your destiny. Your mind will keep thinking about that destiny in all states. You will slowly immerse yourself in the process of fulfilling that desire.

Remember, the only time machine ever built and so powerful is your mind. That’s the most powerful machine in the world. Some good examples of this theory are movies such as Inception and Lucy. Oh, I just love these movies. The most efficient brain in the history of mankind was of Albert Einstein, which I have heard people say functioned up to 26%. And our’s function only up to 9% of its full capacity. One day we will reach that level of intelligence and self-realization that our brains will be more efficient and we will be more powerful than mankind has ever seen but my concern is that such advanced stage of ours must never put other species or our planet in harm’s way.

I will soon write more about this much-to-discuss topic after further research. Let me know what you think about this. I will be happy to hear from you.

Until then,

Your friend

Vijay Vignesh


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