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Swami Vivekananda once said “There is no limit to the power of the human mind. The more concentrated it is, the more power is brought to bear on one point”. As he said, the limits of the human mind are not known to anyone. All species on the only habitable planet, the earth, all the planets and other planetary objects in our solar system is solely based on one source of energy. The Sun. Similarly, one can say that all that a person has done, is doing and about to do happens from one source. The Mind. This action can be anything. Good or bad. High or low. Right or wrong. The mind is the reason for everything around you. How can one understand or realize whether he is doing the right or the wrong? This can be done by understanding the three states of mind.

The Conscious. The state in which a person understands or realises what he/ she is doing at that very moment or has to do at some point in time is the conscious state. This is a simple state where everything that happens is physical and happens out of your mental decisiveness. For example, now you are reading this blog and at the back of your mind there would be multiple things running which you are able to realize like you are thinking of a problem in your office, or planning a vacation or just focussing on what you are reading, is the conscious state of mind.

The Sub-Conscious. This state is widely spoken amongst everyone. People, in general, refer to this state as the subconscious memory, although memory is a different science altogether. Let us not dwell into that for now. The state in which a person’s unfulfilled desires, ideas or interests lie is called the subconscious state. It may also have incidents that were recorded in the early stages of your life or the childhood such as the first injury, the first big failure in your childhood etc. These incidents can be positive as well. Sometimes people refer to certain incidents where they felt that a situation or a moment that they live now has already happened in their life. This too is a part of the subconscious state, however, with a little bit of difference or interference of another state of consciousness.

The Super Conscious. A state which many do not know that it exists. This is the state which yogis refer to as nirvana or the state of the higher self. In this state, a person’s intellect is solely based on what the mind perceives and not what he has learnt in the past. To be more precise, the state in which your mind has become one with this universe and one can see himself from a bird’s eye view is called the superconscious. In this state, a mind can think, perceive, control, create or even destroy anything. That can be a thing or a thought or even this universe because this is the state in which the problem and the solution are the same. There is no difference in anything. In fact, it is a uni state which means everything in the universe is just one. That one can be anything; a seed, a plant, a planet or an atom bomb. It can be anything. This is the state where a person has already met or experienced someone or something which will unfold in the future.

When we sleep and our REM stage (refer my previous blog on dreams – https://vijayvigneshblogs.wordpress.com/2020/04/03/dream-your-way-through-to-the-future/) is active, the electrical impulses in our brain creates pockets of energy which transverse through various mediums in all directions. These energies may even travel to the future and see people or experience situations. And such futuristic transmission of energies is caught back and stored in the subconscious state of your mind. It is also possible that the transmission of these pockets of energy is from a superconscious state and hence a person sees his future. Remember, we discussed above how a person feels that he has already experienced a situation that is happening now; that happens because of the transmission of energy and thoughts between the superconscious and the subconscious states of your mind. I know it sounds illogical because this hasn’t been proven so far and may never be proven or till the near future but this is not impossible.

The reason that no proven time machine has been ever built in the history of mankind is that we already have one. Our mind. The most powerful time machine to be in existence. Your brain creates electrical impulses which are then converted in the form of energy pockets which keeps travelling back and forth through all mediums and through time. These energy pockets are what we, in general, refer to as thoughts. These thoughts travel between the three states of your mind. The subconscious, Conscious and the Superconscious. In my opinion, these thoughts are generated in the superconscious state, which no normal person can ever remember, then travels to the subconscious state where it gets stored for the rest of the lifetime. And the conscious state picks up such stored thoughts when the right moment arises and puts it to action. And this is an example of a beautiful mind. So you may ask whether everyone has a beautiful mind. Well, that depends on your thoughts and opinions. According to me, a mind that generates thoughts that are good for all species, no harm to our only home (our planet), realises all that exists is from one source, creates no divide between any living creature and converts these thoughts into action or reality is A Beautiful Mind.

Hence, the onus lies on an individual to have a beautiful mind. Well, I could be wrong. Tell me what do you think. I will be happy to hear from you.

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